Tokio Hotel au anuntat, ieri, pe website-ul oficial, primele date de concert, din 2015, din cadrul noului turneu “Feel it All“. Aceasta prima parte anuntata se intituleaza “The Club Experience” si cuprinde doar orase din Europa.

Mai jos gasiti lista cu orasele unde vor concerta, precum si de unde se pot achizitiona bilete:

» 06.03.2015 • – Londra, Marea Britanie @ ISLINGTON ASSEMBLY HALL [buy tickets]
» 08.03.2015 • – Barcelona, Spania @ SALA BIKINI [buy tickets]
» 09.03.2015 • – Marsilia, Franta @ LE MOULIN [buy tickets]
» 11.03.2015 • – Paris, Franta @ LE TRIANON [buy tickets]
» 12.03.2015 • – Bruxelles, Belgia @ CIRQUE ROYAL [buy tickets]
» 14.03.2015 • – Frankfurt, Germania @ GIBSON [buy tickets]
» 15.03.2015 • – Zurich, Elvetia @ VOLKHAUS [buy tickets]
» 17.03.2015 • – Milano, Italia @ FABRIQUE [buy tickets]
» 18.03.2015 • – Munchen, Germania @ KESSELHAUS [buy tickets]
» 20.03.2015 • – Koln, Germania @ DIE HALLE TOR 2 [buy tickets]
» 21.03.2015 • – Utrecht, Olanda @ TIVOLI VREEDENBURG [buy tickets]
» 23.03.2015 • – Berlin, Germania @ HEIMATHAFEN [buy tickets]
» 24.03.2015 • – Hamburg, Germania @ KULTURKIRCHE ALTONA [buy tickets]
» 26.03.2015 • – Viena, Austria @ ARENA – GROSSE HALLE [buy tickets]
» 27.03.2015 • – Varsovia, Polonia @ KLUB STODOLA [buy tickets]

Tokio Hotel au participat, pe 13 noiembrie 2014, la Premiile 40 América, din Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cu aceasta ocazie au interpretat “Love Who Loves You Back”, “Girl Got a Gun”, “Louder than Love” si “Monsoon”. De asemenea, au acordat si cateva interviuri.

Tokio Hotel interpretand “Love Who Loves You Back”, “Girl Got a Gun”, “Louder than Love” si “Monsoon”, la Premiile 40 América, in Buenos Aires, Argentina (13.11.2014)

De asemenea, pe pagina de forum veti gasi si alte video-uri, de pe Covorul Rosu, pentru si poze de la evenimentele unde au participat Tokio Hotel.

Tokio Hotel, pe paginile de facebook si twitter gasi ultimele noutati si actualizari.

Pe 11 Noiembrie 2014, Tokio Hotel au sustinut o sesiune de autografe pentru fanii mexicani, in Mexico City, iar pe 12 noiembrie 2014 au acordat o serie de interviuri pentru presa.

De asemenea, Tokio Hotel au participat pe data de 12 Noiembrie 2014, la Premiile Telehit, din Mexico City, Mexic.

Tokio Hotel interpretand “Loves Who Loves You Back”, “Girl Got a Gun” si “Monsoon”, la Premiile Telehit, in Mexico City, Mexic (12.11.2014):

De asemenea, pe pagina de forum veti gasi link-uri catre interviurile acordate de Tokio Hotel, precum si poze de la evenimentele unde au participat.

Totodata, pe pagina de facebook si twitter veti gasi ultimele noutati si actualizari.

Universal Music Japonia a anuntat, in ultimul sau newsletter, organizarea unui concert acustic, ce va fi sustinut de Tokio Hotel, in Tokyo, Japonia, pe data de 24 iunie 2011, cu o zi inainte de decernarea Premiilor MTV Video Music Aid Japonia 2011. Acesta este intitulat The Next premium Night Tokio Hotel in Tokyo Presented by Audi A1{nl}.

Concertul este sponsorizat de cei de la Audi A1, din Japonia. Acesta va avea loc intr-un cadru restrans, pentru 150 de persoane, ce vor fi alese prin tragere la sorti. Pentru mai multe detalii, vizitati forumul.

De asemenea, astazi este ultima zi pentru a VOTA la Premiile MTV VMAJ 2011!

Universal Music Mexic a confirmat faptul ca Tokio Hotel vor sustine 2 concerte in Mexic, anul acesta, in cadrul mini-turneului din America Latina.

Primul concert va avea loc pe data de 30 Noiembrie 2010, in Monterrey, la Monterrey Arena, incepand cu ora 21:00, ora locala. Pentru alte detalii si noutati privind concertul, intrati pe forum.

Cel de-al doilea concert, pe care Tokio Hotel il vor sustine, se va desfasura pe data de 2 Decembrie 2010, in Mexico City, la Palacio de los Deportes. Pentru mai multe informatii, intrati pe forum.

Nu uitati sa ii votati, in continuare, pe baieti la premiile MTV EMA 2010!

Recent pe, la sectiunea ‘Tom’s Blog’, s-a confirmat faptul ca Tokio Hotel vor sustine, anul acesta, 5 concerte in America de Sud.

 In momentul de fata, unul dintre concerte va avea loc pe data de 23 Noiembrie 2010, la Sao Paulo, in Brazilia, pentru mai multe detalii si noutati, intrati pe forum.

Cel de-al doilea concert confirmat va avea loc pe data de 28 Noiembrie 2010, la Santiago, in Chile, pentru alte detalii, intrati pe forum.

Inca nu se cunosc locatiile celorlalte 3 concerte, acestea se vor comunica in curand.{nl}{nl}

Fanclubul oficial din Polonia ne invita la concertul din 14 martie din Lodz. Membrii acestui fanclub au promis ca ne vor ajuta cu{nl}cazarea si cu tot ce avem nevoie, astfel incat sa nu trebuiasca sa{nl}platim foarte mult. Cel mai ieftin bilet este de 27 euro.

[full-link]Mai mult…[/full-link]


Fanclubul oficial din Polonia a scris:

Dear fans from Romania!

The{nl}time is moving and with everyday we are coming closer to the big show{nl}of Tokio Hotel called Welcome to Humanoid City Tour 2010!
The band promised that this show will be something that we have never seen before!
The{nl}whole tour includes 32 concerts in Europe. However Bill, Tom, Gustav{nl}and Georg won €™t play everywhere! Surprising is that they will play only{nl}two concerts in Germany; the more surprising is the fact that they{nl}won €™t play in Berlin! Such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus,{nl}Slovakia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Romania, Hungary and Russia{nl}[Kaliningrad Oblast] were omitted while planning the new Tokio Hotel{nl}tour.
We know that for most of you guys, one Tokio Hotel concert or{nl}in that case lack of it, is a low dose of emotions! That €™s why, in the{nl}name of Official Polish Tokio Hotel Fanclub and Good Music concert{nl}agency, we would like to invite you for Tokio Hotel concert which will{nl}be held in Poland on the 14th March 2010 in Atlas Arena Hall in Lodz!
Atlas Arena Hall is the most modern multi-purpose indoor arena in Poland, which is able to accommodate over 15 thousand people.
Such{nl}stars as Depeche Mode and A-Ha have already played there their{nl}concerts! On the 12th of March, so two days before the Tokio Hotel{nl}concert, on the stage of Atlas Arena Hall, Rammstein will play their{nl}show!
Despite the fact that the hall is located on the outskirts of{nl}the city, the access to it won €™t be a problem for you! The hall lays{nl}near the railway station Ł ³d º Kaliska, an international access road{nl}leads to it and about 10 minutes away from the hall a city airport is{nl}located, so you can say that the location of the Atlas Arena Hall is{nl}simply great!
City Lodz located in the center of Poland, with the{nl}well-developed base of cheap hotels, rail [Ł ³d º Kaliska station is just{nl}few minutes from the Atlas Arena Hall], bus and road network, allows{nl}you to reach the venue very easily. Low prices of tickets, quite low{nl}costs of travel, accommodation and the stay itself, makes the concert{nl}in Lodz an attractive offer for every fan!
We have also prepared for{nl}you many other attractions including concert actions, which we hope{nl}will make the concert unforgettable both for you and for the band! More{nl}information €™s about action € Poland Goes Humanoid €™ you €™ll find on our{nl}website!
The tickets are still available and you can buy them on, or directly on the site of the concert organizer!
Go{nl}to [] and{nl}add Polish Tokio Hotel concert as an € event €™ on, tell us{nl}if you are coming and discuss the event with other fans!
To all of{nl}you, who will decide to come to Lodz, we offer our help. We will try to{nl}help fans to reach the venue, find accommodation for the concert time{nl}and answer on all your questions! If you would like to know something{nl}about the concert, venue, you have any questions or doubts, please let{nl}us know about it and write on our email addressee:!
We hope you will come and be a part of this great show!
Rock on!

Am intrebat si de preturile exacte:

Fanclubul oficial din Polonia a scris:
The ticket thing is quit simple, but you shouldn €™t go by this map, cuz it
makes people think like, what €™s going on o.O So there are still three
ticket categories available:
– standing places 110 PL [27 EUR]
– sitting places/sectors 140 PLN [34 EUR]
– VIP ticket 200 PLN [49 EUR]

In Lodz there are many hotels and youth hostels, which aren €™t so
Here are some links to websites of hostels. You will find there
information €™s about the accommodation, how to get there and about the
price, which is in most cases put in PLN but you can calculate the price in
EUR. Here you go:,hotelik_na … house.php

I looked for these places which lay quite close to Atlas Arena Hall :)
If you €™ll have any questions or doubts please let me know.